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Crystal Dreaming™ is an advanced crystal healing technique which uses the power of crystals for profound emotional, physical, and spiritual healing. Crystals are laid around the head and body in a mandala formation. The special arrangement of these crystals opens your superconscious mind and facilitates a deep meditative state where you can perceive past life experiences and journey through all the dimensions. Your own body will "speak" to you and help you to unlock and completely release the origins of fear, pain, and trauma held in your own cellular memory. 

 What can you experience through Crystal Dreaming™?

* Clarification of life purpose or dharma 

* Profound emotional, physical and spiritual healing 

* Experience a true state of bliss 

* Reconnection to your Divine Higher Spiritual Self 

* Release of present or past life trauma 

* Release of phobias and fears 

* Release of blockages, stagnancy, including negative energies and entities 

* Understanding the root cause of disease or imbalance and receive guidance on how to achieve complete healing 

* Understanding and unlocking of past life abilities, talents, and gifts 

* Connect with spiritual guides or angels for messages 

* Upgrades and activations for your energy body 

Sessions are run by Sheila Olson, a certified as a Crystal Dreaming Therapist, who received training directly from Raym (Crystal Master and Founder of Crystal Dreaming™). Sheila is one of only about 20 people in the USA certified in this healing modality.





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